Phoebe Lind

I was fortunate enough to find out about Elisa while I was looking for my puppy. From the start she helped me with info on how to pick a breed and puppy from a pack that would best suit Therapy Dog Training. After we brought our Franklin home at 8 wks old Elisa started obedience training the following week. Once he had his basic obedience down after a couple months we were able to start the more intense training for the Therapy Dog test. Now Franklin is 15 months old. I am truly amazed at how far he has come over the last year. Even as a young energetic Labrador puppy, Franklin is able to listen, behave and help me and my clients at work.


Elisa's style of training is centered around what's best for your dog and works with how dogs understand and learn things. It's always positive, encouraging and supportive. Elisa's style helps the dog to learn for themselves what works and what doesn't. Her insight to what a dog can handle and how they understand information has helped both Franklin and I to communicate with each other and form a loving and supportive relationship. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Elisa. Every session I learn something new and look forward to growing my personal and professional life with Franklin.

Black terrier dog kissing the face of a small girl

Laura Harrington

Elisa has worked miracles with Monty, our scruffy terrier mix. Monty joined our family when he was just over a year old. When he first came to us, he was extremely nervous. Any time he caught his paw in his leash, he'd let out a high pitched yelp.


Initially we thought he was in pain but we soon realized that it was sheer panic and distress. Not only did he panic when his paw got caught but he refused to use his paw to do anything. We had tried and failed numerous times to teach him to shake but he just didn't like using his paw. Elisa taught him to shake in about 10 mins. We couldn't believe it.


She also taught him to "fix" and raise his paw to untangle himself from his leash, "wave" and "high five". I honestly can't remember the last time he yelped in panic because his paw was caught. If you're looking for someone to train your family pet, I would highly recommend Elisa. She's dedicated and professional.

Man in maroon shit paying with hs rottweiler dog

Josh Epstein

Elisa literally made it possible for me to keep my dog.  I had no idea how to train Ellie or how to help her with her separation anxiety.  now my dog listens to commands like a police dog and can stay at home alone all day!  Working with Elisa was the best money I ever spent (besides adopting Ellie)!

Man kneeling next to his Golden Retriever dog on an outdoor hike

Jacob Gates

When we met Elisa, our foster dog, Nina, was an emotional wreck: uncontrollable around dogs, scared of people, and almost impossible to handle on a leash.  When we began to see improvements after our first session, I knew we had found someone worth listening to.  After a few weeks of relatively short sessions, not only had Nina’s demeanor completely changed, but my own confidence and ability to properly handle her in new situations had grown, too.  Now, Nina knows how to relax around other dogs and people, and we love our calm, relaxed walks with each other.

Woman hugging her cattle dog while enjoying a mountain view

Katy & Jeb

After little to no improvement with two prior dog trainers, we were daunted at the prospect of finding someone we could work with – until we connected with Elisa. Our experience with Elisa has been nothing short of amazing. Our two heeler mix rescues who we’ve had since they were a few months old (now 3 and 4 years old) knew some tricks but were embarrassingly lacking in just about all other obedience areas (Being dragged along while going for walks on leashes! Jumping on guests!).


Elisa has taught us consistency, patience, and confidence. Our two pups couldn’t be any different personality wise – but that never stopped Elisa! One gentle but very stubborn, and the other a bull in a china shop but eager to please, Elisa took each training day one at a time and customized her work plan for us as we went along. We’ve made such tremendous strides with the pups and could not be more grateful – our friends, family, and neighbors all constantly comment on how well our boys behave now – and we actually enjoy taking the pups on walks! We owe everything to Elisa!

Young couple holding their Shih Tzu dog in a sweater while looking at him lovingly

Jenny Walden

Shortly before adopting Mochi from a local shelter we found out she was deaf and quickly learned that training would be the key to not only how we communicate with her but also how she engages with the environment around her. While Mochi socialized well with other dogs, she had severe anxiety around people entering our home and meeting new people in general.


After a referral from a friend we started working with Elisa at Power of Dog Training to start to address our concerns. After a thoughtful and thorough consult, Elisa guided us in how to train Mochi to meet people around our home, develop more positive habits with other dogs, learn how to navigate public spaces, and learn over 25 hand signal commands. Elisa did an incredible job of catering her lessons for a dog who was deaf as well as first time dog owners. We did trainings in the home, in the neighborhood and in increasingly public locations like parks and farmer’s markets to help Mochi gain self-assurance.  Elisa was very patient and encouraging of all involved, which built our confidence in continuing training outside of our sessions.


Mochi soaked up all the love, attention, and learning. It became clear that Mochi had been eager to communicate with us by how quickly she learned commands and retained them. We firmly believe that our small family has become happier and more communicative because of Elisa’s training tools and techniques. As first time dog owners we are so grateful for Elisa’s guidance and are amazed by how empowered our Mochi is to express herself now.