Keeping Dogs Well-Behaved and Stimulated During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 24

Though everyone is working from home, I hope a few of you are still utilizing your dog walkers and keeping them in business. These are scary times for us small business owners such as trainers and dog walkers.

Plus, maintaining a routine is important to avoid behavior issues and keep your dog happy and stimulated.

Thoughts of Dog @dog_feelings Twitter quote funny

For those with dogs struggling with separation anxiety, I'm sure they're enjoying your presence, but it is important to give them short doses of alone time. This is so they don't get too used to someone being home 24/7. Also, it's a great time to practice short 3 minute training sessions throughout the day.

Bored pug dog wrapped in a blanket
I just really need some "me" time, mom

COVID19 UPDATE: I am now offering remote video and safely distanced sessions during the Coronavirus pandemic with flexible scheduling to help you and your dog. If you are staying at home, now is the perfect time to create a training routine with your dog! Please click here for more details and contact me to arrange services.

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