COVID19 Update: Remote and Distance Sessions Now Available!

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, I am postponing my in-home private sessions until further notice.

After initially fearing this change, I have learned to embrace this concept and its full potential. I’m happy to announce that I am now offering remote learning! This means my services are currently available remotely to those located outside Seattle, so if you are out of state, we can still work together to address your training goals.

I am also available for in-person distance work, within the Seattle area, utilizing my personal dogs for assisting with leash reactivity at my normal rates plus travel fees. We use phones or video chat to communicate from a safe distance while outdoors, so it's not perfect, but still very effective.

While working remotely recently, I realized this method of interaction is almost more intimate and can be just as effective as being in your home with you once per week for 90 minutes. If you do not mind catching me in my pajamas occasionally, I can be there with you through any struggles while they are happening, either day or night. My versatile scheduling allows my services to be available when you need me. You may also schedule a short session during specific activities and situations when the problem is occurring. You can take me everywhere with you and your dog when you utilize a video chat service on your phone! It may take a second person to hold the phone while you handle your dog, but it can be done. I also use a Bluetooth earbud so our communication is clearer.

Video services that I utilize are: Zoom, Whats app, Facebook video chat and Skype.

I am offering 3 types of services to help keep everyone safe during this pandemic:

1. Remote video-based training sessions

a. Family training

b. Child and dog homeschooling: 30 minute sessions are available with the kiddos and their ‘house wolf' where we can focus on basic care and humane treatment, maintenance, safety and supervision, body language, basic training, simple tricks, bonding and enrichment dependent on the child’s age and comprehension. We can also discuss dogs with jobs and what service animals do and why they are so essential to humans.

2. Distance work for reactive dogs, using my own dogs

3. In person sessions taking place outdoors, in public or your yard, while respecting social distancing measures and wearing masks and utilizing hand sanitizer. This session is like my regular in-home sessions and lasts 90 minutes.

Let me be in the moment with you:

· On walks

· During feeding times

· During challenging moments that have you stumped

· During interactions with family members, kids and other pets in the home

· During play sessions

· During your practice in new locations


My schedule is more versatile with increased availability now that I am working from my living room and training yard. You may schedule 30-minute sessions a few times per week to maintain a regular cadence of practicing your training with your dog and to increase your successes with my guidance. You may also purchase 60 minute or 90-minute sessions, as well. Because I am social distancing and staying home, there is a good chance I will be available to face your challenges with you. Since some behavior situations take place at certain times that I originally could not schedule around, I can now assist you when they are actually happening.

My goal is to offer 30-60-minute learning sessions to work directly with anyone in the home who is working with your dog. These can be scheduled anytime throughout the week and my schedule is more flexible than before the pandemic.

I can join you during your challenges that "never seem" to present during an in-person training session. Once established and we have worked out a training plan, you may call me when you need me.

Pre-Pandemic Clients:

Remote learning is available for your remaining sessions that were pre-purchased before the pandemic. You may also wait until we are able to meet in person if you prefer. We may also discuss options for outdoor sessions, when the weather permits, utilizing distance and phones and maintaining all efforts to keep us and everyone around us safe from any potential exposure to the virus.

Please feel free to call me directly 206-235-2194 or email me at to discuss rates and benefits of remote learning. Elisa Rivera

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